Navajo Youth Builder

Written and Directed by: Macee Hunt 

Navajo Youth Build shows the harsh realities of the troubled Navajo youth. There stories of abuse, alcoholism, and drug addiction often go untold. My goal was to capture their stories and the emotional toll this has taken on there lives. The overall objective was to show how this program, helps these kids to re-write there stories and build better lives. 

Anchor 180

Lindsay is a 3rd generation native  of Farmington NM! She is married to love of her life Jason Johnson and they have 5 children ages 14-3! After living an empty life, trying to fit into the worldly ways, she conquered the overwhelming emptiness when she came face to face with God! Now she's on a mission to share her story and impact youth, both in schools and in churches! 

Hidden Gem Of The San Juan River

McFly Angler and I had the pleasure of fishing and filming on a private stretch of the lower San Juan River. Majestic Enchantment is an amazing property with a working farm, 18 hole disk golf course, and several miles if secluded river access. Jacob Chaves has dedicated the past 7+ years to preserving the fish in the river by implementing catch and release, barbless hooks, and artificial bait only to the anglers that fish his property. 

The $400 House

Houses with hope has been building homes for widows and orphans in Kenya since 2010. Over that time they have helped to build nearly 2000 homes for people in need! For more information, or to support this amazing organization, visit their website