ACID MINE NATION Ep 1 - My Journey TO the Gold King Mine Spill

On August 5, 2015 the US EPA breached a mine and released 3 million  gallons of acid mine drainage into the Animas River is southwest  Colorado.  This is some background on what led up to that day.


Christian's Second Shot

Christian Ulanch is a disabled Marine veteran that was on the brink of  death when the art of photography gave him a second shot on life.

Ring Around the Poseys


Can you be a suburban wife and mother one minute and a criminal the next  without doing a thing? After discovering her home on fire, Heather  Posey was arrested for arson.  Now, she is fighting for her family, her  reputation and her freedom.  Forced out of retirement and back to Ohio  to support themselves and their legal battles, how are Heather and her  family coping with an uncertain future?

Finish Line


Story of a woman athletic from Iran who is trying to get back in fields  from her accident and also faces deprivation because she does not agree  to compete with hijab in international events and she must confronts its  aftermath..

A New Sound In Israel



The Dome of Universe

A small city near the highest mountain in Iran, with culture, history,  several thousand years architecture, a very beautiful nature and people  with traditional life.

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When All That's Left is Love

When All That’s Left is Love is the emotionally gripping story of a  wife’s determination to care for her Alzheimer’s-stricken husband in  their home. With unprecedented, behind-the-scenes access, the film  reveals the toll that the disease takes on families coping with  Alzheimer's, while also showcasing the power of love that sustains both  patients and caregivers.



CHASING THE JET STREAM follows the pioneering adventure of Marc Hauser, a  Swiss entrepreneur and motivational speaker who wants to become the  first skydiver in the world jumping into a hurricane force jet stream at  8,000 to 10,000 meters altitude. With this record, Marc wants to bring  attention to the nascent technology of airborne wind energy systems,  which can harness high-altitude wind power. This new technology has the  potential to defuse the global energy crisis.

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Through the Door: Movement and Meditation as Part of Healing


Nine Women from Esperanza Shelter in Santa Fe, NM experience movement  and meditation activities as part of their healing from domestic  violence. The film shows their participation in the activities including  walking a labyrinth and culminates in an informal showing at a local  art gallery.

Vietnam Aftermath


The horrors of war never die. The story emerging is not one on the War  itself but on the horrors these men and women now face at home. Their  story is of the war after the war, rejection, disenchantment, death,  nightmares and resiliency. More than 40 years have passed since the  official end of the Vietnam War. For years, many veterans of this war  refused to talk about their experience. Now, however, as many begin to  die out, four Vets that belong to the New Jersey Vietnam Veteran's  Memorial have decided to share their stories for the first time.

Defending The Fire


This film follows the journey of the Native Warrior as he (and she)  continue conflict resolution in order to survive and secure resources  and culture.

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A passion of gold and fire


A beekeeper shares his worries about the future of his apiary school. A  passion of gold and fire which definitely helps our environment to keep  on living.

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Where There Is Darkness


True crime documentary WHERE THERE IS DARKNESS follows the nationwide  search for Fr. Rene, which resulted in a series of shocking revelations  and the discovery of a 20-year-old letter in which Fr. Rene seemed to  foretell his own fate

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Not Your Mascot


The Napa High Indian mascot has been a contentious issue for decades and it has finally come to a head.


Our New Village

Five mothers and their children discuss what it means to grow up as a Muslim and an immigrant in South Burlington, Vermont.


Keep the Fire Lit- lost tribes of Texas

This fascinating documentary opens a window onto the true cultural  history of Texas. Six hundred years after the the arrival of the Spanish  conquistadors, the Spanish colonization and the White Settlers’  Movement that came in its wake. It annihilated many tribes and decimated  the numbers of those that survived, The descendants of the Texas tribes  now speak. They share the legends and stories of their people, handed  down to them over countless generations, revealing their oral histories  and the spiritual ceremonies inherited from their ancestors.

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Flip the Switch

From villages that live in darkness at night to villages that have just  discovered how solar power can change their lives, Flip the Switch tells  the story of Solar Mamas, women from developing countries who have been  trained as solar engineers. Starting in India and making their way to  Central America and Africa, this film shows how Hogan Lovells, one of  the largest law firms in the world, and Barefoot College, the world’s  largest NGO, came together to empower women and girls as change agents.  Their shared journey illustrates that a global effort to inspire similar  committed partnerships is needed to make measurable progress toward the  UN SDGs -- one woman at a time, one village at a time.

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30 KM/H


Before his 30th birthday, Tzafrir decides to fulfill his childhood dream and drive through Israel on an electric toy car.  
With the hope of understanding what he wants to do with his life, he  goes on a journey through the country and meets people that give their  own perspective on what it means to grow up.

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Go Go Go



When your job is your passion and your passion is a 30 strong pack of huskies. 

Judi muses on her life and love of dogs as the physicality and majesty of these animals unfolds. 

Shattered Dreams: Sex Trafficking in America


Shattered Dreams is an Emmy award-winning documentary that examines the  pervasive, dark underworld of sex trafficking in America.  Heart  wrenching personal stories from survivors of the illicit sex trade and  leading experts reveal how vastly misunderstood and disregarded this  important human rights issue has been.

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The Sacred Place Where Life Begins


It's best to experience what you're fighting for.  When two adventurers  embark on a dangerous four-month expedition documenting the world’s  longest land mammal migration through the Arctic Refuge of Alaska and  Canada, they soon discover an incredible ecosystem protected by the  Gwich’in Nation for more than 25,000 years, yet held on the precipice of  collapse by resource development corporations.

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The Mentor


Professional climber Marcus Garcia travels from his home in southwest  Colorado’s San Juan Mountains to the limestone cliffs and spires of of  El Potrero Chico in northern Mexico to revisit his mentor’s final climb.  In an emotional and powerful act of closure, he reflects on the  accident that took him a decade to talk about—and climbs the route that  took his mentor’s life.

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Hoan Alone: Personal Stories from the Bridge


Milwaukee’s Daniel Hoan Memorial Bridge is the crown over Summerfest and  has become one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks. But it’s also  a popular site for suicides. This animated documentary explores the  issues of the bridge and suicide through three intimate interviews.  Follow animator, Aaron Johnson, as he shares the stories of Dave, John,  and Mary.

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