Outdoor filming locations. Farmington, San Juan County Desert landscape.

San Juan County Film

San Juan County is Open for the Film Business!

Landscape and cultural offerings are just two reasons to choose San Juan County. The beauty of the southwest is unmistakable. When it comes to film locations, you can find it all here. 

San Juan County government and local filmmakers are working tirelessly to create an environment to grow and cultivate the film and television industry for our area. 

Million Dollar Potential

San Juan County  may be the home of a fully functioning film studio. As part of economic development, the county is trying to obtain 1 million dollars to invest into this emerging industry. Click the link below to watch the story.

watch the kob 4 story


San Juan College D.M.A.D


Digital media simulations and animation is an expanding field with demand for creative products for TV, film and the web. If you have the creative talent and technical aptitude, a Digital Media Arts degree from San Juan College could be all you need to set you on the path to this exciting field.

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NMSU's Creative Media Intsitute


New Mexico State University’s Creative Media Institute (CMI) offers the Bachelor of Creative Media degree. CMI is a dynamic cross-disciplinary program that prepares students for the 21st century in Digital Filmmaking and Animation & Visual Effects.

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UNM Cinematic Arts


Become a director, cinematographer, screenwriter, video game designer, animator, visual studies theorist, film historian, experimental artist, or movie producer. We offer training in a wide array of cutting-edge digital media techniques a rigorous foundation in film theory, aesthetics, and history classes that prepare you for the demands of leadership, teamwork, and business.

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IAIA Cinematic Arts and Technology


With the revolution and evolution of digital technology, the tools and techniques of digital film production have become more accessible than ever, and are proving to have applications across a broadening spectrum of platforms, careers and industries, from entertainment to graphic design, business and science, education and history.

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SFCC's Film Program


SFCC’s Film Program prepares you for a career working in the New Mexico film industry. Our certificate and degree programs prepare students to work in the local New Mexico film and television industry or to pursue their bachelor degree.

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Film Four Corners


Our talented and hard working team of directors, producers, actors, contractors, and writers will be offering educational and on-the-job training workshops to strengthen the film production workforce..

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