A teenage girl, Nicole, finds herself as an echo of who she was after an  attempted suicide. When she is returned home by her neuro-specialist,  her father wants nothing more than to restore the happiness that they  once had. However, Nicole is wary of the past hidden from her, and she  slowly begins to unravel how she’s been manipulated. Conflicting  intentions form a rift between Nicole and her father, and the situation  escalates: endangering their lives.

Voice surrounding the city

The Sermon of Mount M


Saved - Escape from Kim´s regime

Andy and his mother tries to flee from North Korea, but the escape plan  goes desperately wrong. After crossing the border safely, their guide  does not show up as agreed, and they are stuck in the hillsides in China  in minus thirty degrees weather. After three days without food or  water, they are suffering from severe frostbite and almost freezing to  death. Knowing the high risk of being discovered by Chinese border  police and returned to brutal punishment in North Korea, they get onto a  local bus and decide to venture into China on their own. On their way,  they get unexpected help from a secret network of people, mostly  Christians, called the Underground Railroad. Risking their own lives,  these people provide logistical support to help bring North Korean  defectors to safety. In this documentary we follow the stories of  refugees from North Korean as well as the recognized human rights  activist Tim Peters - who for two decades has worked to save as many  North Korean escapees as possible through the Underground Railroad.

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Salt and Light - The Miracle in Hollywood


Fifty years ago in Hollywood, California a spirited young pastor, a  mainline conservative church, and a group of wide-eyed college kids and  young people came together to create THE SALT COMPANY -- a band that  started what we now know as Contemporary Christian Music and created a  Coffee House that opened its doors to everyone (including runaways,  hippies, and drop-outs). Together they helped launch The Jesus Movement  and transform the lives of a generation.

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Warriors to Lourdes


Awareness around the invisible wounds of war has only recently begun to  surface. In addition to mental and emotional suffering, moral injury has  emerged as the spiritual aspect of trauma. A new 3o-minute documentary  by the Knights of Columbus highlights the transformative experience of  the annual Warriors to Lourdes (WTL) pilgrimage for wounded, ill and  injured veterans seeking physical and spiritual healing. Through the  very personal accounts of Retired Marine Sergeant Buster Miscusi, Navy  Chaplain Rev. Fr. Mark Bristol and Master Sergeant Sompaul Vorapanich,  among others, the film showcases the direct impact the Knights of  Columbus, in partnership with the Archdiocese for the Military Services,  is having in support of our young war heroes and their families.

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“One-to-one” tells the particular meeting between Jesus and a young man  who is away from faith. This person confronts Jesus with insidious  questioning about the hard injustice of his sickness, loneliness and  helplessness in front of pain.

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Mystical Crisis

A priest is persecuted by a man in a mystical crisis. To help him he decides to involve him in the preparations for the mass...

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Broken UnBroken

BROKEN UNBROKEN follows the path of Nick Riemer and his transformation  after breaking his back while training for the Junior National Freestyle  Ski Team. Devastated, Nick works through the idea that he may never ski  again.