Get Found For Film

List A Location


Productions are seeking interesting, remote, beautiful, and gritty locations all over the state. If you have a location that you would like to be considered as a filming location, we have to know about it. Schedule an appointment below, and someone from the Film Four Corners team will come to you, take location photos, get all the information that we need, and list you on the State Film Office directory. 

List A Service


Do you, your business, or someone you know do... ANYTHING? Great! you could have the opportunity to make money in the film industry. Productions are constantly looking for support services duding filming. This could be catering, lodging, transportation, electricians, welders, construction, heavy equipment or RV rental, furniture, clothing....  If you do something, chances are your amazing product or service could be used in an upcoming film production.

List a Resume


Would you like the opportunity to work on a film production. We want that for you too. You can list your resume, availability, and desire to get involved on a film set. Productions are looking for people to drive, run errands, load and unload equipment, build sets, design sets, costume actors, work with animals, help with audio and so much more! Submit you resume, experience, or just your desire to help out and get involved, and we will let you know when productions are looking for crew.