Zilly's War

A brilliant young woman on a four year mission to an alien planet finds herself remembering her childhood and facing her inner demons.

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Special Screening "Immortals walk among us, locked in an endless battle to determine who will be the last of their kind. And for thousands of years, a secret society of mortal men and women have recorded their secret war. They are The Watchers. Bound by an oath of non-involvement, Watchers live in the shadows, unknown even to the mythical beings they observe. After four years on a quiet assignment, Watcher David Quinlan resents his role as passive observer. But when he secretly aides Immortal Ian Campbell, he finds himself facing an ancient assassin, a threat from within the Watchers, and a ghost from his own past. An all new, licensed fan film set in the universe of the Highlander Film and Television series, with a story-line approved and authorized by Davis/Panzer Productions. Starring Heath Adam Cates, Michael Jason Chandler, Jeremy Wurzbach, Thomas LaRue, Tala Koonce-Doucet, Matthew Camacho." 

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"Fading" is a short film written and directed by Isaiah Talley, starring Carl Cullan Keller as 'Chris Rothel' and Nina Alyssa Syaheda as 'Samantha Parker'. Chris Rothel is just a small town college kid in a new world. In this new world he meets a very interesting person and develops feelings for her in a romantic way.

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Slick Jimmy's Incident


Time ticks away in a despairingly average diner as Jack, an eccentric vegetarian, tries to muster the courage to leave his hometown for good.

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Remote Control


An unsuspecting top secret research employee gets thrown into a fight for his life when encountering an attractive cat burglar. After a long day at the office, Mr. Billings "runs into" an escaping woman who has just completed a heist and being chased by security. This nerdy researcher is caught up in the moment with her and gets "turned on" by her schemes. What unfolds is more than any man of his stature could wish for.

What You Say


A thriller/horror short, Black is a jerk in every sense of the word. Once he decides to change his ways it's too late to go back.


Final Cutz

When the Santa Fe University of Art and Design joined the alarming trend of art college closures, the students and faculty banded together to create a collective cinematic catharsis. The subversive “zom-com” social satire FINAL CUTZ finds the Marxist Chairman Bob rallying a beautifully diverse student body to save their Film School from both imminent closure and a zombie invasion!

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Moving Arts Espanola

Moving Arts Española: an art education nonprofit that has become a multifaceted community center celebrating its 11th year serving the Española Valley. Founders Savador Ruiz and Roger Montoya and their longtime students share stories of survival and empowerment through the emotional, physical and artistic nourishment within their creative community.

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Beat Blue

TINA is on a stake out with a fellow officer when we recognizes her brother CARLOS. She has to quickly make
a decision whether or not to put her career in jeopardy by protecting her brother. With internal affairs and her
superior officers breathing down her neck, Tina is forced to face a relationship she has been avoiding ever
since becoming a detective as the story unfolds all in rhyme.

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This Is Farmington


An intro to Farmington, New Mexico

A Bitter Reckoning


"When Sheriff Rodgers returns with more questions, it becomes obvious that the suicide of Lester’s father is not an open-and-shut case".

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Hole Punch


Gertie Bodean has arrived for her new medical treatment. Now if she can just get past administration.

Sara's Audition


he expectations and realities of auditioning for a movie.



While scavenging at an abandoned drive-in theater, Kyle discovers a missing girl in the most unlikely of places.



Nina is the daughter of the world boxing champion Badu Valentina. Tragically Badu gets into a car accident which kids Badu and paralyzes Nina’s brother. This leaves Nina alone and eventually homeless. Now she mus decide if she will give up or fight to reclaim her mothers spot as the world boxing champion.