God Bless My Soul

Music video by Sub Horizon ft. Poppin' John

  • Stephen ValverdeDirector
  • Paul McPhersonDirector
  • Stephen ValverdeWriter
  • Jackie ThorntonWriter
  • Stephen ValverdeProducer
  • Stephen ValverdeKey Cast“Stephen Valverde”
  • Jackie ThorntonKey Cast“Jackie Thornton”
  • Poppin' JohnKey Cast“Poppin' John”
  • Jeremy DuganKey Cast“Jeremy Dugan”


Falling Through The Cracks

Locksaw Cartel Music

Valerie RinderDirector


RUSE OF FOOLS - Happy Song

Girl meets alien and goes on a southwestern adventure to get him home.

  • Mark GonzalezKey Cast“Spaceman”
  • Katelyn PetherbridgeKey Cast“Secretary”
  • Mel SoriaDirector
  • Chris LangProducer
  • Sherwin LauCinematographer
  • Sherwin LauEditor
  • Mitch FowlerProduction Crew

Above The Clouds


A short music video of our band performing "Above The Clouds Of Pompeii" (Cover by Bear's Den). Our band consists of three siblings from the Navajo Nation who feature various female vocalists. The video features a traditional dance known as "Navajo Basket dancing".

Ojos de Fortuna


Music video featuring music by Rick del Castillo with Alex Ruiz and Patricia Vonne all Austin musicians created and directed by Martina Amende

Kayam Khooni


A traditional music-video from south of iran , Bushehr


Dirty Paws

A music video for our version of Dirty Paws by Of Monsters and Men. Our Navajo band is called OUR LAST CHANTS. Filmed by the Dayish Siblings.

Kody DayishDirector


Macee Hunt

Macee Hunt is a local of Farmington, New Mexico. A young woman with many skills. Her main goal is to become a professional videographer. She likes to dance with hoops as a hobby for stress relief and I thought it was a very interesting sight to experience so I decided to shoot a video to show case what she can do.

  • Isaiah TalleyDirector
  • Isaiah TalleyWrite
  • Macee Hunt Key Cast “Dancer”



picNic is a dance film about a person moving into a house but gets some unexpected "help" from a couple down the street and additional unwelcome house guests.

  • Sherwin LauDirector
  • Debra KnappDirector
  • Jermey EdmonsonDirector

Fast Fast by Our Last Chants


Kody Dayish Author

Park Ave "Outta My League"


An Average Joe stumbles upon the girl of his dreams, but doesn't approach her due to fear. He enlists the help of his friends to help him conquer his fear through bizarre methods. Will he get the girl, or get rejected?

Special screenings


Galaga | Cinematica

Take a psychedelic sci fi horror ride on this remarkable journey through the badlands of the New Mexicon desert as director Brent Garcia led the charge on the cosmic pulse of magick to create this incredible music video for our 3rd single "Galaga" from our debut record "Ultraviolet Waterfall" 


The Man | Domingo Guyton grab now on iTunes, stream on Spotify and other digital platforms. (C) He's The Same Movie, Inc, P.O. Box 95656, Duluth, GA 30095  Video DP: Brent Garcia Video Director & Editor: Luke Hawthorne Video Colorist: Sherwin Lau Music Producer: Cyrus Tha Great Music Written & Recorded: Domingo Guyton Music Mixed & Mastered: Floyd Wilcox


So Hot | Suzanne Roxanne

Nominated for best pop song in the 2018 NM Music Awards.

Song by Suzanne Roxanne  Directed & Edited by Brent Garcia Creative Directors & Starring: Suzanne Roxanne & Edgar Cruz Music Producer: David Lucero at Madik Innovation Production Company: Two4One4 Productions Crew: Maurice (Lionel Johnson), Rebekah Cochran, Macee Hunt, Erkwana Johnson