Your Proceeds will help the following:


IAFF, Local 2850

Proceeds will be used to establish a benevolent fund for the Farmington Professional Fire Fighters Association,  IAFF Affiliate, Local 2850. They will be utilized to offset medical expenses for any of our Professional Fire Fighters who might suffer an injury, serious illness, or medical-related financial hardship while helping the people of our community in need of assistance, and responding to emergencies in and around Farmington.

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Film Four Corners

Proceeds will be used to provide scholarships for students in the area looking to start a career in the film industry. Film Four Corners wants to help provide students with the education they need in order to be successful in the industry.


Children's Hope Foundation

Both IAFF, Local 2850 and Film Four Corners will donate 10% of the proceeds to the Children's Hope Foundation. With a total of 20% of the proceeds, the Children's Hope Foundation will be able to continue their work in assisting children and their families with
healthy beginnings, growth opportunities and support during times of crisis.

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