Shots Fired

This short film was 100% improvised the day of shooting. We took some props, and gave ourselves a 3 hour limit to come up with the concept and shoot. I allowed myself 1 full day of post production and what got done, got done. This is what we were able to create. I hope you enjoy some part of this little experiment. 

Directed, shot and edited by: Brent Garcia

Staring: Suzanne Roxanne & Heath Cates Sound: (first time!!!!!) Rebekah Cochran  Second camera: Caleb Lybrook


Chance loses everything when an injury costs him his college scholarship. So he tries to make a living selling drugs, but when the lifestyle he chose leaves him to die alone in the desert, he finds he cannot rely on himself for survival.

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Quiet: A Star Wars Short

A former Jedi and his daughter must take refuge when a very dark visitor comes calling.  A short film made for the 2016 Star Wars Fan Film challenge.  Written, Directed and Edited by Jeremy Orr   Starring: Rebecca Cochrane as Doraal Steven Clark as Giraad Rix Jody La Rue as Voice of SQ-19 Thomas La Rue as Stormtrooper   Produced by Jeremy Orr George Thomas Brent Garcia   


A vengeful mother and her murdered son are out seeking justice. "Balloon" is only one of a 5 part hour series called 5 Dying Lights. 

Directed by: Brent Garcia

Written By Alec Garcia

Lost: A Jedi Maddox Case (Star Wars Fan Film)

Check out this great videoBrent Garcia - Writer, Director, Editor, VFX, Jedi Maddox, Costume Design and Fabrication, Fight Choreography. Brandy Newman - Aurora Lunis Anthony Escojeda - Sith, Fight Choreography  George Thomas - Camera Operator, Sound design Caleb Cain - Camera Operator, Color Correction, Editor Jeremy Orr - Camera Operator, Arial Videography