Return to Vietnam

Follows three Marine, Vietnam vets back to Vietnam  almost fifty years  later. Visit and remember several battle sites from 65, and 68.   The  Vietnam war memorial in Farmington, NM. contains the names of two  Marines who died during battles discussed in this film. Lt.  Marc  Fiebelkorn of Pagosa Springs,Co. and PFC Leonard Yazzie of Pinon, AZ.  Dale Camp of Aztec, NM. who was there, tells the story.

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Roses are Read

Timothy Anderson (Sonny Mills) is an Iraq War Veteran who is struggling  with PTSD.  His mentor (Jason Morgan) encourages him to write down his  feelings and express himself through poetry.  The film is about  overcoming obstacles and is truly inspirational with real Veterans  portraying their emotions.  It includes a 91 year old surviving member  of the Tuskegee Airman (Homer Houges) as well as other military veterans  who help shine a light on veterans struggling with PTSD.


#3 Normandy Lane

Army wife and Young Mother, Sarah Winston's life is inextricably altered when a series of visitors arrive on her doorstep.

Act of Contrition


A sociopath teenager named Justin is planning a school shooting with  his friend Eric but confides his feelings about wanting to kill to his  Step Father Frank, who has killed while touring in Afghanistan. Now  Frank must confess his traumatic past to Justin in hopes of saving his  future

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When a U.S. Army soldier returns from Iraq, he finds the place he once  called home is no better than the battlefields he fought on overseas. He  finds the readjustment to civilian life is a much more difficult thing  to do.