J is trying and failing to move forward. While hanging a piece of art in her new home, she knocks a hole in her wall revealing what might be another room. Her mind races to think what could be on the other side as she continues to unravel, with the scars of old relationships keeping her trapped inside.

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For months Kira has been living out of her car in Venice, California. Facing a constant struggle to keep her head above water, Kira’s world collapses when she returns home from work one evening to find her car stolen. Vulnerable and alone, Kira must navigate the harrowing uncertainty of a night on the streets. Featuring the world famous poetry of Jalal al-Din Rumi, as translated by Coleman Barks in its first cinematic adaptation, Suncatcher is a piercing exploration of mindfulness in the face of crisis. A haunting meditation that captures both the stunning beauty, and perilous isolation, of life on the fringes of Los Angeles’s coastal westside.


How To Be Alone

How To Be Alone follows LUCY, as she struggles to survive an increasing bizarre and horrifying night. When her husband JACK leaves for the hospital graveyard shift, Lucy is left alone in the company of a particularly menacing kitchen cabinet, which she is convinced contains all her most secret fears. As the phobias begin to manifest and attack her, she must fight for control of her mind, and ultimately her life.

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Who Let the Taxidermy Out?


A reformed taxidermist brings taxidermy animals back to life with chaotic consequences for an uninvited guest in this all-female silent film. This experimental kitsch comedy invites viewers to re-think what little girls are made of.


When Mark and Rebecca, an expectant couple, find themselves in need of supplemental income, they decide to rent out their nursery. Finding the right person to be part of their family, that's the tricky part.

directed by
Alix Cuadra & Roth Rind

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A lonely young woman reminisces about what life is like with her
annoying younger sister.


Bottled Up

Bottled Up follows the journey of a young girl Nadya, as she tries to find a quick-fix remedy for her problems. Her meeting with the shopkeeper Sofia, however gives her another solution; one that is not easy or fast but will give her endurance through her struggles.



 high school student explores the labels we put on ourselves and others and realizes that the most important thing to be is yourself.



A grief-stricken, reclusive, woman and a young newcomer, become intertwined by the pain of the woman’s past and the trauma that lingers.

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The Best Time


A new military bride struggles with ever increasing loneliness in this experimental documentary.

Stardust Memory


A woman hits the road to find the mystery lover she sees in her dreams every night.

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Spizella is a word with Latin and Greek origin and it means ‘sparrow’. Spizella is the story of a father and his daughter with troubled family relationships, which have become even more troubled after the death of the mother. The father keeps forcing his daughter to keep the mourning attitude alive and ongoing within the house and he tries to keep his communication with her very limited. This gloomy house is no different than a cage for this timid girl. The strong revival of her childhood memories and dreams by means of a souvenir suitcase left from her mother can bring the girl a glimpse of happiness.

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