Welcome to the Film Four Corners Workshops

We are proud to announce our upcoming workshops designed to train people in New Mexico Film and Television skills here in the Four Corners. We will be offering workshops on Acting, Casting, Writing, Planning, Incentives, Grant Writing, Marketing, and Video and Film Production. Through the year, a person could be involved in the entire filmmaking process from writing the screenplay, to editing and polishing a finished short film. These films will be entered into film festivals all over the world, and hold a features slot in our upcoming Film festival that will be held right here in Farmington, NM this upcoming September!

All Workshops are FREE to Students. Just contact us, let us know which workshops you are interested in attending, and bring a school ID to your workshop! 

Please treat the workshop reservation as a RSVP. You are required to have a festival pass to attend the workshops.

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New Mexico Film Workshops